The World And Other Places By Jeanette Winterson

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In the passage “The World and Other Places” by Jeanette Winterson, the author writes about a boy transitioning into manhood. In this small passage, the man is till trying to find the piece of himself that others around him found already, or are too afraid to face. While reading, we meet a plethora of characters ranging from different backgrounds and personalities. In one specific part of the story, the narrator meets a man who has reached his own frontier, a frontier that the main character still has not faced but will like to. The man reached his own frontier by finding happiness in what he loves, as would the other two characters the narrator mentioned in the story. By finding love, not the romantic kind, happiness will come to you in any shape or form. It could come in forms hope, flying across the sky, or just by being with your dog. That is what it means to reach your own frontier, to find the love and happiness in the things that you do, without being afraid to. In the story, the main character grows up in a poor household where imagination was key when it came to entertainment. His family all played along, which contributed to his adoration of airplanes and flying. His family was happy regardless of anything, but there was still something in the man heart that still told him, he needed to really find himself, “That night, I knew I would get away, better myself. Not because I despised who I was, but because I did not know who I was. I was

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