The World Becoming A Global Place For Conduct Business

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With the world becoming such a global place to conduct business we have put together this guide to help any of your employees who will be assigned to work in Spain. The following document only serves as a guide, and only provides the basic guidelines to Spain’s business etiquette.

About Spain
Located at the crossroads of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Europe and Africa, Spain 's history and culture are made up of a rich mix of diverse elements. The country is a constitutional monarchy; the official name is Kingdom of Spain. The capital and largest city is Madrid. The estimated population as of 2015 is to million people (source). The Spanish currency is euro and since 1986 they are members of the European Union. The official language …show more content…

After a while these issues are still bearable, but people might start missing things they are familiar with back home and feel irritated that they cannot order their favourite dish at the restaurant or get angry when they cannot communicate fluently. This phenomenon is called culture shock and is something they are expected to experience during their deployment. This term was introduced by anthropologist Kalervo Oberg and identified four phases of this phenomenon honeymoon, crisis, recovery and adjustment. The intensity of each stage differs depending on the distance between the two interacting cultures and to which degree the visitors have prepared themselves for the stay in the new country Coles and Hall, 2008: 131

Effective cultural understanding will certainly minimize the impact of culture shock and maximize intercultural experiences, as well as increase professional development and organizational effectiveness. Cultural sensitivity should teach us that culture and behavior are relative and that we should be more tentative, and less absolute, in human interaction. The first step in managing cultural differences effectively is increasing one’s general cultural awareness. We must understand the concept of culture and its characteristics before we can fully benefit from the study of cultural specifics and a foreign language.

To create opportunities for collaboration, one must learn the customs, courtesies, and business protocols

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