The World Of Beauty Supply Why Are Our Share Declining

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Introduction In December 2013, GCI Magazine reported “Beauty Retail Expected to Grow 5.2% into the year 2018.” We are among the top five of those expected to expand based on our current annual revenue of 3.8 billion, with $246 million in net revenue, and market trends which we are projected to bring our industry revenue to roughly 16 million within a mere 3 years (2018). But I have a question? If this is true and we RULE the world of beauty supply why are our shares declining? Why are we loosing stockholders interest? Why are consumers not buying with us as frequently? Why is OUR brand showing signs of inconsistency? According to the Street Wire we show signs of “ 'Water-Logged and Getting Wetter ', they are saying we have and “stock …show more content…

and availability of such a product to that of Sephora and Ulta with the concept of Proctor and Gamble “My Black is Beautiful”.

Potential Market Segment
Our potential Market Segment for proposed implementation include the following:

Major Segmentation Variables for Consumer Markets
A) Geographic region All SBH active locations within the continental United States (able to reach approx.. 5% (undetermined) of African American Women)
B) City or metro size 100,000; 100,000–250,000; 250,000–500,000; 500,000–1,000,000; 1,000,000–4,000,000; 4,000,000 or over
Larger cities and where we have more locations such as NY (19%), NJ (16%), TX (13%), GA 32%)
C) Density Urban areas (larger, more favorable market)
D) Climate Northern, southern are both densely populated with the target demographic.
E) Demographic gender & age Females, 14– 65yr
F) Family life cycle Young, single 14+; young, married, no children; young, married, young; married, older, married, with children; older, married, older, single; other
G) Income $10,000-$20,000; $20,000–$30,000; $30,000–$50,000
F) Occupation Professional and technical workers; managers, officials, and proprietors; clerical salespeople; craftspeople; forepersons; operatives; farmers; retired people; students; homemakers; unemployed people
G) Education High school and

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