The World Of Beauty Supply Why Are Our Share Declining

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Introduction In December 2013, GCI Magazine reported “Beauty Retail Expected to Grow 5.2% into the year 2018.” We are among the top five of those expected to expand based on our current annual revenue of 3.8 billion, with $246 million in net revenue, and market trends which we are projected to bring our industry revenue to roughly 16 million within a mere 3 years (2018). But I have a question? If this is true and we RULE the world of beauty supply why are our shares declining? Why are we loosing stockholders interest? Why are consumers not buying with us as frequently? Why is OUR brand showing signs of inconsistency? According to the Street Wire we show signs of “ 'Water-Logged and Getting Wetter ', they are saying we have and “stock is exhibiting an unusual behavior while displaying negative price action”, “DESPITE its growing revenue, the company underperformed as compared with the industry average of 8.6%”, and “DESPITE an increase in cash flow, SALLY BEAUTY HOLDINGS INC 's cash flow growth rate is still lower than the industry average growth rate of 29.72%”. Where do we start…what can we do to turn this around? We have to change something ladies and gentleman!

Brief Description of the proposed retail brand concept The intention of this proposal is to enhance SBH concept to customers with regard specifically to the skincare market, matching Sephora, and Ulta. Introducing ‘Black Beauty’ an exclusive SBH African American skincare line consisting of multiple shades…
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