The World Of Convection, Conduction, And Radiation

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The World of Convection, Conduction, and Radiation In our physical world, there are a multitude of phenomenon that occur daily that we experience that often go unnoticed. It contains a vast array of conceptual applications and the equations applied to them in order to better explain and calculate the phenomenon involved. In a normal occurrence an individual can explain and calculate certain aspects of movement and processes that are also involved with it. When dealing with the transferring of heat and various process related to heat, the terms convection, conduction and radiation are frequently discussed thoroughly. The overall field of thermodynamics involves the study of thermal processes in physical systems. Some terms involved with these particular concepts include: closed system, empirical law, free energy, joule’s law, specific, temperature, and thermodynamics. The general defined term of convection is “the heat transfer by mass motion of a fluid such as air or water when the heated fluid is caused to move away from the source of heat, carrying energy with it” (Georgia State University). “In the world of physics, the term conduction is usually defined as a form of heat transfer by the way of molecular tension inside an object or material that does not show any individual motion in its entirety” (Georgia State University). Radiation by means of physics related terms is defined as “the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through a
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