The World Of Technology And The Internet Essay

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In the world of technology, the internet has transformed the way we go about our daily lives. Forty years ago, only a few thousand people had access to the internet. Today, the internet is a tool that mostly everyone has access to. With the invention of cell phones, we have the internet at the tip of our fingers. The internet is continuously getting faster and smarter with the help of better developing technology. The internet use to only be used to learn how to build and use networks. With the access of lecture notes and two different articles, there are several different aspects between the internet when it was first founded to the use of the internet now. The growth of the internet will continue to create new technologies that will make it easier for consumers in the future. In 1958, the the Denounce Department created the Advanced Research Projects Agency or ARPA. This was the same time we were fighting in the Cold War. In order to survive a nuclear first strike, the United States had to find a way to decentralize data and systems control. The internet was a victory for the results of the Cold War. The internet was a survival tool for the United States. In the late 60s, the ARPANET was developed and put into operation in 1969. This advancement opened up new doors for the growth of the internet. ARPANET was the first to use modems, public switched phone networks, packet switching and linked research institutions. ARPANET went international in England and Norway

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