The World Wars Impact On Society

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The World Wars Impact on Society
Thesis: The aftermath of World War II was the start of a new era. It created the decline of the previous ruling forces and the rise of the two superpowers; Soviet Union and the United States of America, creating a clash between the two bipolar opposite countries. Following World War II and the Suez crisis in 1956, The British Empires status as a superpower was greatly diminished. For the remainder of the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union came to be viewed for the most part as the two remaining superpowers, dominating the majority of all world affairs. (Syracuse University News) Looking at the financial effect of World War I. not all, like in some European nations, were destroyed by the war. In some nations, like the America 's, production lines and wide open spaces were unharmed, and were performing like never before. World War I accelerated American mechanical production, prompting a monetary boom all through out the war.
While the war was overwhelming for France and the United Kingdom, these nations had the ability to recoup financially without a lot of trouble. It was Germany, that especially endured financial struggles after the war. Under the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was required to make financial payments to the Allies, called reparations. The substantial reparations, combined with the crushed financial foundation all through out Germany and political strain under the Weimar Republic, prompted a money strain.
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