The Yellow Wallpaper Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography for “The Yellow Wallpaper”
Shumaker, Conrad. “"too Terribly Good to Be Printed": Charlotte Gilman's "the Yellow Wallpaper"”. American Literature 57.4 (1985): 588–599. Web. This article is about the feminism in the twentieth century, dominant tradition, and the narrator’s vivid imagination. This article explains the woman’s role instead of the tale of horror or the madness of mental breakdown and the complex work of art as well as an effective indictment of the twentieth century view. This article describes the room to be confine violent mental cases almost like being in a cage. This article discusses Gilman’s deception of the narrator’s decline into madness which it captures the symptoms of a mental breakdown. I can use this article because it is accurate and creditable for my research paper.
Dock, Julie Bates et al.. “"but One Expects That": Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "the Yellow Wallpaper" and the Shifting Light of Scholarship”. PMLA 111.1 (1996): 52–65. Web. This article is about the knowledge and the literacy criticism of “The Yellow Wallpaper.” This article explains the crippling social
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“Escaping the Sentence: Diagnosis and Discourse in "the Yellow Wallpaper"”. Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 3.1/2 (1984): 61–77. Web. This article is about the narrator is sick and the diagnosis of postpartum or nervous depression. This article disguised as an acceptable feminine topic, the yellow wallpaper comes to occupy the narrator’s entire reality. This article illuminates particular points of conflict between patriarchal language and women’s discourse. The article explains the narrator’s final proclamation is both triumphant and horrifying, madness in the story is both positive and negative. This article discusses the linguistic reform is hollow unless accompanied by changes in attitudes and socio-economic conditions that also favor women’s equality. I can use this article because it is accurate and
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