The importance of the internet in today's society

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The internet is important to America and world society as it adds another resource to enhance entertainment, education and business. How do we know this? The amount of information available on the Internet is growing at a rapid rate of 10 percent in just one month. The internet is slowly but surely becoming the number one household commidy beating out the Television. How is this possible? Well look how much the Internet has to offer. Imagine being able to take college courses from highly regarded Colleges from your own home. With the World-Wide- Web this can all be possible. The World-Wide-Web has great potential as human resource development tools. Many institutions and government departments are experimenting with a variety…show more content…
Collins is pleased with the students' response to the idea. The twenty-five places available for the spring offering filled quickly and ten students are on a waiting list. Libraries are rapidly coming on to the Internet. For instance, if an internet user who was going to the University of Maryland and needed to access some information for his research paper he could do it through the web. All he would need to do is access the web page address and point and click. That is just one of the Web's many features. Around two years ago the leading World-Wide-Web company Netscape, which is the leading web browser of all online users at a 57 percent usage rate began experimenting with actual sound on the web. Now thanks to their hard work you can listen to clips of your favorite musical artist, sometimes before they even come out. Also, if a musician has a webpage which most do, you can find the lyrics to your favorite song, when his next album will be out, or even his favorite flavor of icecream. It's all on the web. How about Movies? Yes, movies are even making use of the web. There just is not much you can show on T.V. in 30 seconds. So, now using your web browser, and Real Audio technology ( An animation technology created in late 95 )you can view movie clips right off the web. This is a great way for movies to advertise for less money, and at the same time give you the viewer a better idea of just what
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