The journey to Assam was descripted in the most picturesque manner. The beautiful details of

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The journey to Assam was descripted in the most picturesque manner. The beautiful details of landscape, the rustic beauty of plantation, the greenery and fresh air were breath taking. It was like watching a dream land.
The morning mist has risen over the valley and evaporated with the dazzling burst of sunlight. The air was still under the clear even sky. The welter of leafage was tensed beneath the world’s hollow cup. There was a concentrated lull in the slow heart of the day, as if India missed a heartbeat of the day, in the march of time. (2)
Though Gangu’s journey was started on this beautiful note, but we soon find out the ugly truth concealed behind the mask of this beautiful portrait. Soon enough he realizes how badly he was …show more content…

In the rat race to earn more profit the poor workers were doubly exploited. First by the British who paid them minimal wage, made them work in unhygienic and often life threatening conditions. For example when the plague of cholera and malaria was spread among the slum of these workers, then also they were made to attend the job. Even to apply for a leave they must visit the locally appointed doctor thrice and even then, if they do not get any better, then only their plea for leave shall be put under consideration. The second exploitation they had to face was by their own countrymen. People like the money lender who charge so much interest over even a small sum of money that with due course of time it become impossible for the victim to pay back. Middlemen or agents like Buta also falls under the very same category. Speaking of the truth, they are worse than the money lenders. They target the weakest section of the society. They approach those who are financially broke with no hope or resource to survive. To those wretches they lend their divine helping hand, like the blessings of almighty himself and when the close their eyes and trust these agents, their fates are sealed in eternal darkness. These agents never step back from weaving tall tales of the plantation site, or telling false stories of prosperity. The innocent often felt for such traps and are doomed to work for ever in the hellish

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