The novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

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Several years ago a novel was written that threw the science fiction genre on its head because of the way that it tells the story and twists the ideas of typical book genres. The novel Never Let Me Go, a story by acclaimed author Kazuo Ishiguro is about a young lady and her friends, figuring out who they are from adolescence to adulthood. While at first this may seem a typical coming of age story, the novel starts to turn into a science fiction story and goes back again and forces readers to change the way they contemplate what makes us who we are. This is a science fiction novel that deals deeply with human connection, the search for individuality and emotion, making it different than many other science fiction books. The audience is not clear on the fact that the main protagonist, Kathy H and almost all of the other characters are clones, instead Ishiguro sets up his novel to test the limits of his readers and make them question what it means to be human. The most important way that Ishiguro tests the limits of what his readers will accept is in the way he hides what the purpose of the clones is. Ishiguro brilliantly focuses on the relationship he builds between the reader and the main character Kathy H., only to change the dynamic when we find out the main character is a clone and what the purpose of the clones is for. In the society that Ishiguro has imagined, cloned human beings are being brought up to harvest their organs until they die, providing “real” humans a way
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