Stages Of Health Policy Analysis

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“The political decision-making process is so irrational that a completely rational approach to health policy-making can hardly be achieved.” Support, debunk or provide alternative paradigms or approaches to this statement, focusing on the development of a particular policy area you are familiar with, and using analytic tools and frameworks in health policy analysis.
This paper will begin by briefly examining the role of the state in health and how the state or political system is structured to meet this obligation. It will then describe the types of policy, the stages of policy making, and the uniqueness of health policy making. Having provided a solid foundation for understanding the political and policy making system, in the context of …show more content…

While the more obvious internal political structure of a nation can facilitate or hinder participation in the policy making process, exogenous factors are a major yet less discernible factor. Therefore, it is dependent on the particular aspect of control that policy health actors are faced with, will direct the type of policy development processes undertaken. If the policy is within the control of Health, involves input to cross portfolio policy development, or involves input to intergovernmental policy development.
Amongst the many structures used to describe the policy processes Walt (1994) describes the most commonly used framework as a four step continuous cycle that moves through (1) problem identification and issue recognition/definition, (2) Policy formulation with clarification of policy issues and preferred options, (3) policy implementation (4) policy evaluation and review. Consultation occurs throughout this cycle. This was expanded upon in the NSW Health Department State Health Publication (1998) to include; a release of formal discussion paper and the development of final policy paper, as two separate activities coming after policy formation. These two additional steps have become necessary, as the intended policy must be available to the general public and special interest groups, to illicit their views before it is adopted and sent before cabinet for approval.

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