The purpose of this investigation was to research what the impact of the Adelaide Fringe had on us

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The purpose of this investigation was to research what the impact of the Adelaide Fringe had on us and what effect it has locally, nationally and globally. This study aims to investigate the Adelaide Fringe and look at different positive impacts that it has. The Adelaide Fringe has an economic and social impact on Adelaide; it offers entertainment to people and offers musicians, comedians, artists jobs and many more people jobs. The Adelaide Fringe is truly a festival for the entire community; it offers entertainment and attracts other people from different countries. With more people coming in from different countries it boosts up the economy because the visitors will have to pay for, accommodation, food, transportation and any other…show more content…
In 2013 over 52, 000 visitor bed nights were produced with an average spend of $1288 per visitor group. The total amount that interstate visitors associated spending was $17.9 million. There was an approximate value of $9 million with 2012 367,000 tickets being sold. Adelaide Fringe does not run venues itself, aside from the Fringe Club. Nevertheless, what the Adelaide Fringe does do is encourage and assist other venues to be artistically and financially successful as possible. This includes assisting the grouping of artists with venues and providing scheduling, programming, funding, marketing and publicity advice. One of the key operations of the Adelaide Fringe is to support, encourage and assist registered artists. It works to guarantee that all of the artists and presenters have the best possible experience from the beginning registration process to their performances and exhibitions. The Adelaide Fringe is a festival for the entire family, there are a range of people that attend and they range from old to young and female and male. In 2013 the Adelaide Fringe took over the city with 1.59 million people attending ticketed and free events. This resulted in an economic expenditure of $48.2 million in the State. This is an increase of 18% compared to the 2011 results. In 2013 the Adelaide Fringe was an enormous success with attendances of over 1.8 million people enjoying everything the Fringe had to offer. If the Adelaide fringe
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