The 's Production Of Afternoon Of A Faun

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Many authorities on dance, consider it a living art form while only there for a fleeting moment, it is always moving and forever changing. Just as a sculptor creates his piece with his own hands and may make another that might look very similar, they are truly different. That is how dance is. The dance piece cannot be performed exactly the same, it may be close, but there will be small instances that may be different from earlier performances. This is especially true of the performers. No two dancers will perform the same piece the same way. These small instances, such as a hand position, the extension of the leg, whether higher or lower than the performance before are what makes each dance work one of a kind. Furthermore, dance as…show more content…
Also know that you should never video tape or take pictures during the performance. Flashes from cameras constantly going off can be very distracting for the dancers to the point of losing their balance or forgetting a step during the production. Then there are the copyright issues of the videos and /or pictures taken during the production. That particular performance is someone’s original idea and should not be plagiarized. In the movie Elizabeth the Volta was danced between Elizabeth and the love of her life, Robert, after her coronation. The ballroom was bright with candle light. There were red tapestries hanging on the wall behind her throne with the family crest on it. Her gown was gold in color, long and cumbersome. The bodice was stiff and constricting, making the breasts seem non-existent. Queen Elizabeth’s gown seemed to be made of a brocade material with satin embroidery. Several buttons adorn the cuffs of the sleeves and the back of the bodice. Her shoes had a very low heel on it and hair was down, but the front was pulled away from her face. Robert’s formal attire was a velvet looking waist coat with a long sleeved tunic worn under it. His breeches looked like those lanterns that you would make as a child out of construction paper and the shoes, however, had a higher heel than that of the women’s. Both the men’s and women’s garments were embellished with
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