Theatre Personnel : Presentation Of An Career Divided Under The Umbrella Of Theater Profession

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Yingci Chen
Professor Andrew Laine
22 September 2015
Theatre Personnel Paper 1 During last week’s lecture I learned that there is a variety of career divided under the umbrella of theater profession. Before attending that lecture I only thought that a play, musical, movie, drama or any other performance only requires the producer, the director, the cast, and crews that helps out in between times. I never thought that there are lots of other significant personnel that are needed to produce a performance. Out of all of careers that we discussed in last week 's discussion I am more interested in becoming a performer, a cast. Since I was young, I was really fascinated by how performer can use their skills and passions to influence the audiences. I could still remember times when I was influenced by the acting and started to cry. The profession of an actor was actress was always art of the theater organization. Of course, it would not be a performance without performers included in the production. Since the start of the theater organization there was always the need of performers. The main difference between today’s theater organization and the past is that it was well known that all the actors that performed on stage for Shakespeare’s play were all men or young boys, even for the women’s role. For instance, Juliet, Rosalind… were first played by boys”. (Linden, 2009) It was considered a disgrace for women to be on stage. Women started to appear in theater performance “after
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