Theatre Reflective Essay

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In theatre a director has to take on responsibilities such as choosing a script, the spine of the play, the style of the production, and the director concept. One year in my high school theatre class, for our 50th anniversary of our school, our director selected a minimum of five plays and five students could volunteer to assist in directing selected scenes from the five plays to produce for our semester production. Our main director had the job of choosing the script and the spine of the play but responsibility of the style of the production and the directorial concept was all on the students. The remainder of the class was placed with one of the five students to help with that production. People fail to realize how much responsibility of the production is put on a director until they are put in charge.…show more content…
A director also has to work with the performers from casting, rehearsals, moment, pace and rhythm, technical rehearsal, and dress rehearsals. I had to work closely with the tech rehearsals. Tech rehearsals are making sure all of the technical aspects such as scenery, lighting, sound, costumes, and props are working and coordinated in proper order. In the week of tech rehearsal, I had to play closely attention to the rehearsals because I had to make sure the performers were blocking in the correct position on stage where there was a specific lighting. I also had to cue the other technical crew when to turn on the spotlight or to cue the sound effects. For a director, the first run-through for technical rehearsals or dress rehearsals is the first time seeing really seeing how the performance is going to play out which makes the rehearsal even more
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