Theme From A Summer Place Analysis

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Sometime in the past, an older woman turned on her radio. Already tuned to an easy listening station, “Theme from a Summer Place” by Percy Faith wafted into the grandmother’s house. She walked back to her easy chair, prepared to relax for the rest of the afternoon, but an obnoxious, ugly sound flew into her ears. “We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine…” She could already recognize those disgusting lyrics. With a dark frown across her face, she slammed open her front door and shouted to her neighbor, “Could you keep down that racket?” Her neighbor, slumped into a broken lawn chair, turned to her. “What? No! I’m trying to drown out that awful tween’s music next door!” He turned his album of The Beatles down, …show more content…

However, in this era, almost anyone can pick up sound editing software, make some noise with it, and post that on the internet. Sometimes an artist does not even require any instruments- computers can emulate electric guitars and pianos quite well at the moment. Thousands upon thousands of tracks by independent artists lie in wait, snuggled into corners of sites like Bandcamp. Although the large amount of both bad and good music makes sifting through it all tiresome, once someone finds a few artists that they enjoy, they discover others easily. Oftentimes humans look at the worst of something that they have not yet experienced and pass it off as wholly bad. While many older people try to only block out modern music with melodies from their own childhood, maybe we should consider doing something else. Music has many layers of emotion and meaning to it. Even if the song itself has simple lyrics, the memories associated with that song give it a unique depth that other mediums lack. Instead of staying inside the boundaries that separate our generations, both old and young folk can reach out and make memories with new music that they seek out and

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