Theme Of Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf

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The story by Virginia Wolf universally illustrates the struggle for life and death. It is a common phrase that death is inevitable the story shows the struggles with life that are not won in the end. In The Death of the Moth, Woolf observes a moth flying against a window pane, seemingly trying to get to the outside world, and not aware that the window pane is blocking its way. There is truth in saying the only commonality between lives is the inevitability of death. “The Death of the Moth” by Virginia Woolf explores this theme. Although the thesis is never formally stated, it can be interpreted to be that death is inescapable, and in spite of life being an uphill battle, it can never be won as eventually death claims us all. Taking into account Woolf’s personal life, which was plagued with bouts of mental illnesses, ultimately resulting in her suicide; this essay could be considered a comparison between her own life and the moth’s. This essay is intended for the general public, but it particularly resonates with women and minorities, this is because of Woolf’s description of the moth’s battles. In retelling the moth’s struggles the audience develops a certain bond with the moth, this is amplified for people who have been repressed, as they can relate to the hardships this looked down-upon moth has endured.
The author has a pessimistic view on life and death which is manifested in the tone. Woolf is clear on her view that life is just one battle after another, and that

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