Theme Of Ethical Issues In A Few Good Men

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Throughout the play A Few Good Men, there are multiple ethical issues taking place which involve different characters. Some of these ethical issues include, having a lazy work ethic and not caring how personal actions affect other people. In addition to this, other ethical issues include not thinking decisions through fully, and even choosing to follow a superior’s orders when following personal morals would be the better choice. Multiple characters in the play are involved in more than one of these ethical issues. At the start of the play, we see that Kaffee, the Navy lawyer who represents Downey and Dawson, has a lazy work ethic. For example, he would rather play softball than be at work helping a client. Also, Kaffee doesn’t want …show more content…

Therefore, he attempted his hide his mistake. From other perspectives, Jessep would genally be viewed as a traitor or just a cold-hearted marine. If I were a friend of Jessep’s, I would have advised him to come forward with the truth instead of trying to cover his trail. Finally, probably the most popular and the most perplexing ethical issue of the play is Dawson and Downey’s choice to go through with the ordered code red. It’s hard to say whether this issue is either ethical or unethical because it is in such a grey area. According to the play, the marines are to always follow orders from superiors and never question those orders. If they do, there will be consequences. So, since Jessep ordered the code red and Dawson and Downey were only part of the chain of command, did Dawson and Downey do anything wrong? This is where the issue gets cloudy. Dawson and Downey had to make a choice on whether to do the right thing and follow their morals and save Santiago. Their other choice was to follow orders, play it safe, and do what they have been trained to do which is follow orders. Ultimately, they messed up because they didn’t help someone who was in need. If I were a friend or mentor of these men, I would have advised them to disobey and follow their morals. They would have also been presented with consequences for taking this path, but they should have chosen to endure them for Santiago. I

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