Theme Of Feminism In The God Of Small Things

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Arundhati Roy Presents a slice of life in a small Indian town where male hegemony as well as Androcentric power relation are prevailing on the other hand, she depicts different types of male and female identity challenging myths. This novel depicts the feministic elements, caste and class gender, political and childhood exploitation. It does not deal with one particular theme. It encompasses all the social issues. The dominance of patriarchal voice and treatment of Dalits and women are mainly focused in this novel. The God of Small Things portrays the struggle of women in the male dominant conservative society. In this novel women of three generations are discussed. The first generations is about Mammachi and second is about Ammu and finally Rahel. The three women are struggled throughout their life and they were not able to survive in a peaceful manner. Mammachi was often beaten up her husband Pappachi. Ammu and Rahel were divorced in their life before they begin their family life and both of them returned to Ayemenem. Both of them became the victims of the so called male chauvinistic society.
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The women existed in a male chauvinistic society and the women underwent through many bitter experiences. When we discuss feminism throughout the literary history we can see that women writers have explored the atrocities committed by men against them. Victimized women brought it through their writings to the world, it may be related to the culture, tradition, religion, social acceptance, etc…Women are born as free and her rights are the same as the man and the laws must be same for men and women. The God of Small Things depicts some important elements of the life of Mammachi, Ammu and Rahel. Love is always associated with forlornness; it can affect a person’s childhood and may be continued in the whole life of a

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