Theme Of Nectar In A Sieve

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Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve as a Study of Language and Stylistic Innovation
Language is a means for an end and that end is literature. Literature moves in language as a medium, but that medium comprises of two layers— content and experience. The flamboyancy of the author’s state of mind is expressed by the style of writing used by the author. The linguists all over the world come to a single opinion that if style is the man, the language used by the author represents the entirety of his mind. As, language analyses the inner cores of human perspective, it is certainly has connections with the facts of utterance to see the patterns of sound, grammar and vocabulary. For analysing the properties of language, it is important to represent the concern of writer with the revelation of inner mental facts and the inner properties of human psyche. Therefore, simplicity is the hallmark of all the modern languages. The simple language has the …show more content…

The events in the novel parallel this theme quite closely. Symbolically, it refers either to the nectar of life or the sieve of destruction i.e. drawing a parallel between the beauty and the misery of life. Markandaya in the novel presented a cross-section of the Indian society. It presented the three facets-a personal story, a wider conflict, and a social background. It is a saga of hunger, starvation, degradation and death of poor people in India and is told by Rukmani who grows from a married girl of twelve , then a young wife and finally an old mother figure who loss almost everything in the process of her growth yet retaining her fundamental loving and loveable nature, humanity and

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