Religion In The Kite Runner

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The story talks about the daily life of Amir and is shown throughout such events like the way the ruler in afghanistan ruined, the military interruption of the south, massive departures of the people who had run away from their countries because of the way that they were treated, to the U.S. and Pakistan and the establishment that was made by the Taliban. The story is known for its familiar settings and the relationship between a father and a son,it raises themes of guilt and redemption. The story helps the reader to get a clear view into the life of Afghani´s and into their culture. Even though religion is not the main theme of the story, religion is usually there, and many people are associated with religion in the story. The author targeted the topic of religion from two ways, from the way the religious characters behave, and from the way the people, who have their own way of getting the point of religion act. As a result, he was able to show Amir finding his religion along these two sides. Amir, who is the main person, tells the whole story in The Kite Runner. The way they set the story is in a way that a reader starts to feel hope for Amir, but not because of his personality, because of the situations that he gets involved in. So because of that, we get a view of the importance of religion in the life of an ordinary Afghani family. First of all through the view of Amir, and religion might seem to not be an important aim for him, but it is always shown there. Since

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