Theme Of Slavery In Never Let Me Go

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Kazuo Ishiguro New Concept of Slavery in The Novel Never Let Me Go
Literature through the centuries in its different forms was not merely used to entertain. But also as a means to reflect the questioning, understanding of the societies and cultures around us. From the ancient oral traditions to our modern time literature, we find a lot of insight into the fears and questions that humanity face regarding the future. In this modern age, Kazuo Ishiguro the British Noble Prize winner similarly questions humanity in his works. The novelist explains that he is Furthermore, Brian, Shaffer, and Cynthia write in their book Conversation with Kazuo Ishiguro that Ishiguro gives more information about the nature of his witting where he does not write about …show more content…

Ishiguro foresees in his novel Never Let Me Go a futuristic kind of slavery where clones are created and raised only to become organ donors. Although some might think that clones’ lake of survival instinct was meant to portray them as non-humanity. In contrast, it is used to shed light on a new age of slavery where Ishiguro questions humanity passivity towards injustice. This paper will discuss this new science fiction kind of slavery through the emphasis on themes of humanity and freedom through different stages of the characters live. The concept of slavery has been tackled throughout the novel Never Let Me Go. In order to understand how the concept got renewed, we need to learn more about slavery. According to the Bellagio–Harvard Guidelines on the Legal Parameters of Slavery definition of slavery that Allain and Bales write in their paper In other words, the control of a person’s life with the intent to deprive him/her from individual rights and freedom. Ishiguro uses such exploitation to question …show more content…

and that what makes her cling to her memories. Kathy also realizes that other clones may not have the same privileged school and upbringing that the students of Hailsham had. Through the story, Kathy and her friends go through different stages in their life wherein each stage they question their identity, humanity and the limitations set upon them. First at Hailsham, which is a special school for young clones where the guardians encourage the student to explain themselves through their artistic achievements. Where the excellent Art they produce is taken to the Gallery by Madame who comes to chose and pick up the pieces of art her self. Although art is a form of freedom of expiration students are ridiculed for not being artistic or creative. Where Kathy notices the tantrums of Tommy who gets teased a lot because he is not artists as the rest of the students Through this quote, Ishiguro not only shows who unartistic students are tormented for not being able to express themselves. But he also shows that Kathy attitude turds this problem is close to the real human reaction and thinking where they assume that someone would take a moral stand when in fact no one does. But Kathy tries to help Tommy with his tantrums in the end which is also accomplished by the help of the guardian Miss Lucy by telling him that it is ok not to be artistic. At this stage,

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