Themes In The Inheritance Of Loss

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Human Deprivation
The title of the novel The Inheritance of Loss is very suitable as tells failures, disappoinments of the real characters once lived in the post colonial India. The themes of loss, for in our world if mankind has nothing else to take over, it can accept loss as its heritage, however, the matter is not as simple or straight as it looks, the reason is that this novel is a highly intricate work which confronts several themes extending from loss to poverty, gain, to wealth, justice to injustice.
The Inheritance of Loss is a political and historical novel, but the truth is that in spite of its political and historical extents, it is a socio-cultural work of fiction. Desai pursues to redefine human culture, the elements of love …show more content…

His life is totally different and he finds totally no interest in his career, and finding nothing but despair and seeks early retirement from his job. Jemubhai hates his wife because she was uneducated and dark in complexion and he sends his wife to her father’s house. Later his wife Lakshmi dies in a domestic accident and his position becomes strangely curious.
On the other he has to undergo a heart-breaking loss. He has to tolerate, the loss of power and position to which he reconcile himself with plenty seriousness and concern. This loss of family relationship is one of major issues in Indian society that Kiran Desai relates in this novel.
The Inheritance of Loss may be viewed as an anti-colonial novel which goes against the deprivation of poor and weak people in all possible ways. The cook is so much involved in his son’s career that in spite of all problems and adversities he manages to send him to America for suitable employment. Biju reaches New york and he makes a number of friends. Both Indians and Pakistanis, as well as the other Asians, but he understands that all foreigners are exposed to racial

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