Themes Of Geography

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Throughout the history of the world, humans have made an incredible impact on their environment. As one of the most complex and different species on the planet, we’ve made our mark on the Earth in more ways than we can count. Not only that, but Earth and its geography have played a major role in how we conduct ourselves, feed ourselves, and introduce new ideas. People have studied the ever-changing characteristics of Earth and its inhabitants for centuries. Almost any time you study geography, you can come back to the Five Themes of Geography. Also known as movement, place, location, region, and human-environment interaction. These five themes can be tied into almost any historical event. Don’t believe me? In the 19th century, one of …show more content…

This was a method of battle, where soldiers dug miles upon miles of trenches in the soil on the battlefield to protect themselves from the opposing country’s ammunition. If the soil in Belgium and France hadn’t been so malleable and penetrable, such trenches wouldn't have been possible. Not to mention the frequent showers of rain that flooded the trenches and sometimes froze to ice during especially cold nights. Say the soldiers were fighting in Southern Africa or Antarctica. They would have to use another method of battle due to the compact soil/ice. Place played a large role in the conditions the soldiers endured during the war and the style of battle they used. Often confused with place, location is the third geographical theme. People often think of the two words as interchangeable, but not when it comes to geography. Location is a particular place or position. Most of the time, people use relative location, by describing the location by using its relationship to another location. However, people also use absolute location, in which they give exact coordinates for the address. Coming back to world history, in World War II, during Adolf Hitler’s reign, he first took on the countries of Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. If you look at a map of Europe you can see that these countries were Germany’s direct neighbors. Their location endangered them to Hitler’s wrath, because they

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