Themes Of The Quran By Fazlur Rehman

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Major themes of the Quran by Fazlur Rehman is a comprehensive and explanatory piece of writing about Holy Quran and provides a broad understanding about most of the thematic concerns of the Quran. Holy Quran is revealed for guidance of human beings, and also give humans a knowledge to understand the good and evil and to choose form it. Holy Quran is the last and most perfect publicized word of the God. The Quran is not just a religious text; it is actually more than a religious scripture, because it highlights the social and moral behavior of humans. Quran shows an individual, how to live an excessive and blameless life. Holy Quran’s tafseer (inclusive translation) changes for every new generations, no matter whatever situations is Quran provides a solution. The major themes of the Quran encouraged the development of hospitals, and of science and medicines in poetic way. Where it shows an individual is to serve God, at mean time it shows an individual to use his knowledge to choose good or bad and to help other human beings. As it says in the Major Themes of the Quran that “It is at this point that man 's crucial test comes: will he use his knowledge and power for good or for evil, for "success or loss," or for "reforming the earth or corrupting it" (as the Qur’ān constantly puts it)? This is an extremely delicate task. The question of questions for man is whether he can control history towards good ends or whether he will succumb to its vagaries.” (Rahman, 6). Fazlur

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