Theological Integrity and Having a Solid Understanding of Scripture

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Theological integrity is having a solid understanding of Scripture, including its contexts and interpretations. This does not necessarily mean understanding ancient languages, but certainly understanding the meaning of the Scriptures and the themes portrayed in them. Spiritual vitality is the connection of a person’s spirit with God and the results actions that flows from it. As our lectures point out, to connect the two of them together is to connect the heart (spiritual vitality) to the head (theological integrity).
The connection here really is more vital than what many people give it credit for. Many modern pastors focus more on the heart reaction so they preach towards the spiritual vitality and offer encouraging words of hope, grace and love, but seldom reflect on sin, consequences, or suffering as shown in Scripture; you cannot adequately have one with the other. Spiritual vitality without theological integrity is much like having a table without legs. It is saying that we believe in God, but not really know who God is.
The content of what we believe makes a huge difference on our personal spiritual life. How we view the Bible in terms of hermeneutics, as well as accuracy, shapes everything we do in our ministry and our lives. For example, if we believe that most of the Bible is pretty accurate, and we can accept the teachings of Jesus, but we reject the Genesis story because it does not match with known science, then we create a mindset that the Bible,

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