Theoretical Problems Of Ethics And Ethics

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Theoretical Problems of Ethics
Ethics is the conception about the “right” and “wrong”. It is related to the man and the society. It supports the concept of doing good things and disgraces the thinking of behaving in the wrong way with others. It is the well-known fact that the ethics don’t implement on the logics in doing right or wrong. Along with sometimes it can stand against the morality. For example the death sentence is ethically wrong, because it takes the life of a man, which can become the better part of society in future. So, ethically the death sentence should be stopped. But, the morally death sentence creates fear among the people and they get the lesson for the future that who will be done wrong with others will face the death at the end.
Along with this, ethics has some theoretical problems. These problems are related to different aspects of ethics which are not justified on the basis of philosophy. Most of the times these problems create confusion in the minds of human beings to identify what is right and what is wrong in certain situations.
Three theoretical problems of ethics
Mainly ethics have three theoretical problems. First one is the problem of the origins of ethics which means it is a problem creating for the people to find out that what is right and what is wrong. The Second one is the problem of relativism which holds the question that what is the relationship of ethics with the society (Mizzoni, 2009). The third one is the problem

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