Theories Of Sexual Objectification

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This study will be primarily anchored on the Objectification Theory. Szymanski, Moffitt and Carr (2010) stated that “objectification theory provides an important framework for understanding, researching, and intervening to improve women’s lives in a sociocultural context that sexually objectifies the female body and equates a woman’s worth with her body’s appearance and sexual functions.”
Alongside the Objectification Theory, other concepts and factors that are found to be strongly associated with it such as conformity to masculine norms. In addition, other social factors which may potentially serve as moderating factors will be included in the study in order to facilitate a wider perspective of investigating the phenomenon of women’s sexual objectification by men.
Sexual Objectification of Women
The Sexual Objectification Theory is a perspective that underwent a process
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She contested that a woman is sexually objectified when her sexual body parts or sexual functions are artificially split from the rest of her individuality, reduced to the status of a mere tool, and regarded as capable to describe and entirely represent her. She also discussed a very important demarcation between sexual objectification as a process and sexual objectification as an outcome. Sexual objectification as a process is defined as “the act of symbolically separating the sexual parts of a person’s body or her sexual functions from the rest of the person”. On the other hand, she defined sexual objectification as an outcome as “the act of treating a person as if they had the status of a mere object”. Hence, in this point of view, it implies that sexual objectification shall be seen in two different perspectives namely: sexual objectification as a process and as an
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