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Situational Leadership: House's Path-Goal verses Hersey and Blanchard's Leadership Model

Situational Leadership: House's Path-Goal verses Hersey and Blanchard's Leadership Model

Do you ever reflect on someone that had or has such a positive impact on you that when you think of them words like competent, inspiring, intelligent, courageous, respect, and mentor come to mind? Chances are all of us have had or still have someone like this in our lives, and that someone, is an effective leader. There are many definitions of leadership and although they have different words in them, they all mean the same; leadership is the process of influencing others and facilitating collective efforts in order to accomplish an objective
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Hersey and Blanchard have created a tool that is simple, easy to apply, and able to help organizations build effective leaders.
The effectiveness of this model is obtained by matching the leadership style with readiness of the follower. The four leadership styles associated with this model are telling, selling, participating, and delegating. The four follower readiness levels are a little more descriptive, they are 1) unable or unwilling and insecure 2) unable but willing and confident 3) able yet unwilling and insecure 4) able but willing and confident (Hambleton, & Gumpert, 1982). To be an effective leader, the leader needs to match the readiness level of the follower to the style of leadership required. For example, if a follower is brand new to the organization, then they probably lack the knowledge of how the organization operates (unable or unwilling and insecure) so they will need to be closely supervised and be given detailed instructions. This utilizes a leadership style or behavior of telling, which is a low relationship and high task behavior concept. If a follower knows more about the organization but is not confident in their performance, then the leadership style best suited is selling because the leader is able to explain and clarify. Selling is both high in relationship and task behavior. If a follower has the ability to perform but is not willing then
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