Theory: Hierarchical Categories Of Positionality

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1.) Positionality is what we as an individual classify ourselves based on what we are surrounded by and by the hierarchical categories. For example, I would classify myself as a middle-class, white, heterosexual woman. The standpoint theory refers to how we as an individual interpret what we know and how we share with others what our beliefs are. For example, I would consider myself an egalitarian, meaning I believe everyone is equal. Ethnocentrism is where someone thinks he/she, and her group, believes that they are better than anyone else and that people should conform to their way of thinking. For example, Adolf Hitler believed that Nazi Germany and the Aryan race were the superior group to lead the world. These three concepts are important to keep in mind when meeting other people of other cultures because how you greet people in your culture, could be offensive to someone in another culture. For example, we Americans are casual about touching others (shaking hands, giving hugs to friends and not strictly family members, patting each other on the back) while the Japanese reserve that overfriendly touching for family and loved ones only. One’s way of thinking could deeply impact how the other party sees you and either affects the relationship negatively or positively.
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When we say that race is just a social construct we mean that race should not be classified just by their biological/physical traits because humans are much more diverse than that. The social construction of race is the “process of separating people into hierarchical categories using the physical characteristics of our bodies, such as skin color, facial features, hair texture, and body type” (Sorrells, pg. 264). Instead of being classified purely by biological/physical traits, people should be classified by their personality and non-physical
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