Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

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Combining the theory study and on-line activity I looked back my placement. I still found lots of aspects I need to improve in for following placements. When anything happens I can understand the cause, how to improve my service and how to better provide the quality care for the patients. According to recent research by NHS (2014) poor communication is always playing the most important role in causing incidents in the medical and nursing practice. Also poor management plays an important part in causing these incidents as well. For example, when I worked as a student nurse with my mentor in the hospital, the service-user has been admitted for 3 days. On service user’s drug chart, it has shown the service-user allergy with penicillin. But the …show more content…

They couldn’t exchange information efficiently then it was so easy to cause lots potential and current problems toward the service user. After that, my mentor filled the incident form and reported it through on-line hospital systems. But incident reports are weak to analyse the root causes. To deal with incidents we need to find out the causes and effects then we can take action in order to improve the quality of service. In clinical situations we can use the tool of fishbone that is used to help the servicer to clearly understand the issue and quickly identify the possible cause. If the servicer knows the causes, they are better able to take action to solve the problems (NHS Choice, 2015). Heinrich's Domino Theory (1954) documented that “Accidents result from a chain of sequential events, metaphorically like a line of dominoes falling over. When one of the dominoes falls, it triggers the next one, and the next... - but removing a key factor (such as an unsafe condition or an unsafe act) prevents the start of the chain reaction.” The student nurse as the same as staff nurse needs to look for possible hazard and take action to reduce risk under supervision in the nursing practice, then we can provide the safety and quality service to the

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