Therapy Vs Death Row Essay

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Every person has a right to live and avoid death row or execution no matter what wrong doing they did. Yes, people do some extremely atrocious things or unspeakable things. Nevertheless, things and case files on prisoners can be settled differently; whether if it’s therapy or rehab.
For those who don’t know, when a prisoner commits a dreadful act like: Mass murder, brutalities, the prisoner usually has to face a death sentence or in other words death row. Death row basically is when the prisoner has to face death for what godawful act they have enacted.
Many prisoners have died in death row throughout the states in the U.S., it’s unbelievable how prisoners can change and live a better life when facing therapy. While they have to be forced to be sentenced death with or without a case file.
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Another way of settling this situation is by 2 years of therapy or rehab. Why would this method work? Well because it’s a much calmer and serene way of changing a person that has to face death row. It helps them acknowledge on what wrong doings they have committed. Verbal response is a much better solution than death. We could all stand as one to stop the killing of others as they have families and are human beings like you and me.
We can stop the killings of prisoners! We can all do it if we stand up and support our case! Ladies and gentlemen, we should all stand up and stop this cause in which it goes against our human right of life. An outcome I have gathered is that no one should be in a sentence of death or be executed for whatever act they have done or framed by as everyone is a human being, a
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