There Are Always Talks Of How To Improve Our Schools, To

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There are always talks of how to improve our schools, to try and find the missing fragments of the education system. Even when we looks back hundreds of years there are men and women trying to find the most ideal set up for learning. Horace Mann 's address to the Massachusetts board of education is a great piece of literature addressing the problems and potential of the school system. Through credibility and a logical approach to the power of schooling Mann makes an appeal education is brilliant but quite possibly a fallacy. To start, would be Mann 's credibility. Although not included in the actual speech we do get a short biography on Horace Mann. Mann was born on a farm in Massachusetts and while his introduction to education was …show more content…

To me this is one of the most overlooked aspects of schooling and someone always wants to point the finger to someone else. Mann comes straight out and says our health is mostly up for us to decide and we need to be spreading as much information in the schools about it as we can. I can only imagine a school where physical education is as important as the standardized testing. Where they teach Healthy nutritional choices while discouraging unhealthy foods and activities from a young age through general schooling. This could have an exemplary effect on students. Following this Mann goes into discussion over intellect to beat out poverty. He brings up the "equality" that we have here as opposed to Europe and how much it was already starting to thin and stretch farther and farther. While I agree with the segment on using schooling to destroy this barrier. From here, Mann switches over to ideas of a political education and the importance of general intelligence. Mann makes a strong argument that for a proper democracy to be run, its people must not only be knowledgeable about current events but strive to find the truth. Again Mann comes back to the untaught child becomes an untaught adult who will not be able to make rational informed decisions. This is extremely important for government. Not only on a level of law and order but morality to make the correct laws and just choices. This brings Mann right into a talk of moral education.

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