There Have Been Ongoing Debates About The Adoption Of Gmos

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There have been ongoing debates about the adoption of GMOs over natural food growth. Out of these discussions, there is a rising need to do research on genetically modified food verses naturally grown food. According to (Mary Colson., 2017), Genetically Modified food can be defined as a growing plant or animal that is modified and grows not a normal, natural way. The growth of this plant, animal or microorganism is triggered by altering its genetic material. The genetic material is usually changed in a way that makes the food not to occur naturally through natural recombination or mating in this particular case. Genetic modification of food has its pros and cones. In this discussion, the advantages and the disadvantages are discussed as …show more content…

According to (Houghton, 2015), global warming is significantly reduced due to the reduction of the need to spray since it cuts the farmers’ fuel emissions.
Genetically modification of food leads to improved texture and flavor. A good example is a pepper made spicier or even corn that is given enhanced sweetness. In the act of blind testing, testers always rated genetically modified food higher compared to the naturally grown alternatives. According to (Kutz, 2013) in 2007, it was estimated that the testers confirmed a sixty percent genetically modified food. Another advantage of genetical modification is that the act gives food a longer shelf life. This capability implies that the consumers can get fresher products, and on the other hand, the environment can benefit from less waste.
The fourth advantage of genetical modification of food or biotechnology is that it enhances health. Genetically modification of crops can make food healthier through giving lettuce some greater concentration of nutrients. Biotechnology can also reduce starch in potatoes or even lower the saturated fat content found in the cooking oil. According to ("Arguments for and against GMOs - Debating Europe", 2017) when genes are introduced into the genetically modified tomatoes, they increase their natural production of

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