Thesis About Music Shaming

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Music Shaming: leave it all behind By Huang Cheau Ning The judging comments came in batches, some are good comments but some rambling contain insulting words that she can’t forget about it. “What kind of music do you like?” is the question that always send Teo into a state of panic when someone ask about her music choice. Music shaming is an act of criticizing someone music preferences that different from their own, and make them feel like they should be ashamed by what they enjoy. It’s a problem that most of the people don’t even realised, but it happens all the time as everyone does it to some degree. It might sound exaggerated, it’s very much a real issue that faced by many students on campus. Teo Siew Ching, 22, student from School of Communication described herself as a pop music lover and couldn’t imagined her music taste would become a subject for others to laugh. …show more content…

They are basically waiting to tease you once you mentioned an artist that you really like but they don’t like,” she said. “To be honest, it is disrespectful and unnecessary.” There is no surprise that we live in a judgmental world. Teo thought that music preferences today has become a moral category tainted with criticism. It appears that music shaming comes from a person inherent need to make them feel superior to another. “I really enjoy pop music especially listening to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s songs. I don’t know why they get so much hate, but putting aside their living lifestyle, they actually make pretty good music,” she said. “But still I got an eye roll and insults from others every time when I express my love for their jam.” Music shaming is still used by many to judge a person. It is not only serves as a form of embarrassment, but it also reinforces gender

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