Thesis Of Transference In Teaching

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According to Lacan (271-283), Freud promotes an ideological comprehension of pedagogy where notions such as transference can be applied logically to learning and teaching. Transference in teaching can happen in any number of ways, either the student transfers feelings to the subjects of the text or they transfer feelings to the teacher. The student places their trust in the teacher and endows the teacher with the prestige and power of the subject of knowledge. When the teacher is the subject of transference, they present knowledge to the student as a type of bait that promises they will learn all they need. The student is lured into recognizing unconscious discourse. When the student learns something in this way, they do not just merely repeat what they have been taught, they also produce it. For instance, if the student is learning language, they will not just repeat after the teacher, they will produce language on their own by forming their own sentences and using the right language in the right context. Transference is also applicable to teaching in terms of response teaching. This is a technique that…show more content…
It is the form of communication that makes the tutor and the psychoanalyst similar. However, like with other concepts that theorize learning, this is only applicable to learning in certain contexts. For instance, one on one communication may not be possible in a context where instructors deal with large classes. The psychoanalytic situation will is present when teachers are in contexts that allow them to be affective and supportive in unique one on one communication contexts. An interpersonal relationship between the teacher and student is important. Like in a psychoanalytic context, the quality of the relationship will determine the effectiveness of the therapeutic process. Students are not just assessed on their ability to write, but also on their ability to
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