Thesis On English Language Communication

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ABSTRACT In the current national and international corporate set up, English has become a language of survival at the workplace which plays a key role in the successful journey of young aspirants. English language communication is one of the important educational investments which promotes one's personality to meet the demands of global market. It enhances the social mobility among employees through better communication skills in English. It raises the confidence among them in achieving desired goals in life by enriching the personality of individuals. In this context, the English classroom has to provide the skills and strategies required to compete with their peers in the job market. At graduation level, English language learning should be done by blending the established theoretical principles and pragmatic findings of the present situation which strengthens the academic spirit of an individual. Hence, the sustained efforts and innovative learning activities adopted by the learner in improving English language becomes the window to prosper in the corporate world.
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In this context, many Universities have included English language communication Skills or Business Correspondence as a subject in the curriculum for many professional courses. But the fact is that most of the students are not acquiring these skills rightly due to lack of interest and also because of poor command over English language. Hence, students of both professional and non-professional courses have to attain these skills not to depend on others for correspondence. Thus, knowledge in English language communication helps in selecting just the right words to convey specific thoughts, so that the right word in the right place adds clarity, strength and vitality to any kind of
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