Thesis Statement For Hearing Impairment

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Hearing impairment is an invisible and chronic disability. Some cases of the young children’s hearing impairment can be prevented by diagnostic evaluation in new born hearing screening and other proper treatments
In the case of Ana Kristina Arce her mother got measles while she was pregnant with her and that causes Ana to have that kind of disability. Unfortunately, her impairment did not get cured because of late diagnosis. Despite all the challenges in her life, she excels in her academics and became the valedictorian and a recipient of various awards.
Although according to that hearing loss or hearing impairment in children can cause delays in the expansion of speech, language and cognition. It can also affect the education and …show more content…

She continued to study abroad to pursue her Master’s Degree, and earned her MA in deaf studies from Gallaudet University, Washington D.C.
In Mandy Harvey’s case she got her hearing impairment due to ear infection and got triggered when she was 18 years old, her knee bone got dislocated and because of severe medications and surgeries it hastened her hearing loss.
Despite the challenges she faced over the years adjusting to a life of silence, she continued to follow her dream of becoming a singer. Mandy continuous to inspire, motivate, drive, challenge and demonstrate hope to others.
Rob Lowe’s case is sort of similar with Mandy Harvey who got ear infection, He lost his hearing to when he was a baby and have been diagnose mumps, which resulted complete hearing impairment of his right ear.
Even life hits him hard, Lowe has a good shot when it comes to his acting career. He was nominated for different awards and got a nomination for people’s choice award as a favourite actor in a new TV series in …show more content…

The inner ear has three parts: the vestibule, semi-circular canal, and cochlea which is serve as a house of the two bodily organs, it is the organ of balance and the organ of hearing or perception. Organ balance contained the semi- circular canal and the vestibule organ of hearing or the organ of Corti which is placed in cochlea. Furthermore, outer ear as one of the functional parts of the ear consist of two major elements, the external flange or pinna and the ear canal. Humans pinnae is an ovoid-shaped that is located on each side of the head. Unlike the other paired anatomical structures, the two pinnae is differ in specific shape, patterns of grooves and pits. A single piece of tendon is attached to surrounding tissues of the internal frame of pinna and covered with skin. Also, pinna is connected to the head by ligaments and small muscle. Sound waves passes through the ear canal toward the eardrum and defend the eardrum from external environment such as dust and small flies. The middle ear is an air- filled cavity called tympanic cavity, it is long connected at the back of the nose and a thin tube called Eustachian tube. The middle ear space or cavity has three little bones the hammer, anvil, and the stirrup which use to deliver the sound from tympanic membrane to inner ear. Middle ear begin in the end of

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