Thesis Statement For Marketing Information System

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Answer:- 1) Introduction: Marketing Information Systems Due to high competitiveness in the market these days, many companies have sought resources and management tools which enable them to quickly and flexibly respond to market demands. PantMax Retail should implement this system across all its subsidiary departmental stores across India as this marketing information system will help the organization to collect data, evaluate, filter and create reports for effective marketing decisions. Concept and Application: This is very much a suitable choice and by using this information system they can retrieve the following information related to market and execute a strategic plan for increasing sales in their stores according to the region:-…show more content…
So with the help of these addition services the customer is comfortable and secured and feels a connect with the organization resulting in customer satisfaction. Conclusion: Application of CRM program in airline industry affects customer satisfaction and directly influences the sales. Because of CRM the customer loyalty is higher and it creates a barrier for customer switch. Airlines should struggle to acquire as much knowledge as possible to understand the real needs of customers and fulfill them for creating longer relationships and making them satisfied and loyal. 3) a Introduction: - Incidence or Incident Handling In a generalized form, incident handling is responding to an attack done by an individual or an organization. If the system attack is been organized and executed carefully then there are chances of getting all the data recovered if not then it may lead to total disaster. There are basically two common forms of system
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