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Introduction: Its 2012 an era of recession, financial losses, downsizing and market saturations but how can one forget ASOS (as seen on screen) whose still busy in breaking the ice between customers and retailers, setting new standards into the bug of customer relationship management (CRM). According to a (Mintel 2011) report, ASOS was established in 2000 in UK and right now its the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. It got listed on London stock exchange in Oct 2001. After getting a boost in recent years in international market its September 2010 retail sales were £131.4 …show more content…

Ling and Yen, 2001 assume CRM to be a vital element of a business strategy while Wayland and Cole, 1997 find it as the means to develop long term relationships with customers, given all the facts. Various experts and scholars could have various perspectives but their basic aim is to generate a remarkable customer experience. To make the most of the system lies in the hands of the organization and not the system itself. An evaluation between two stores with similar quality services and products, shows that the one with an intense customer understanding and knowledge will have its customers coming back to its store for more (Linoff and Berry 2011). They also reason that campaign management, lead tracking and call centre softwares are the components of the same CRM system. Its a radical change for most of the companies to develop a system that revolves around customer relations. The crucial points that need to be emphasized are * Observe what customers are doing * Recollect what customers have done over a period of time * Ascertain from what has been recalled * Take steps on what has been ascertained Cunningham et al (2007), mentions that an online environment cannot afford an one-to-one physical contact between the customer and the business, using this as a basis to

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