Things Done Well During The Presentation

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Things done well
During the presentation there were examples provided from the textbook to allow the trainees to capture what was being presented and said. This allowed for them to see what was being taught. It was also helpful that there were examples provided during the presentation to allow for a real life experiences in the workforce, making everything more relatable to each individual in its own unique way. There were also instances where trainees were asked questions and to engage them throughout the process of training. This would allow them to constantly think, especially when there were pop quizzes throughout. Trainees were also able to ask questions during the entire presentation, allowing for people to have their answers answered at any point. In order for this to succeed we had to prepare beforehand so that the questions would be answered as effectively and as clearly as they could. Having handouts that had the slides with room to write notes on the side allowed the audience to make notes and to write ideas. We also provide quizzes that were interactive throughout the presentation on the slides. This allowed us to ask the question, and afterwards there were animations that showed the audience which answer was the right one. It was a little bit of a learning curve, but it was done clearly and effectively after some research had been performed. By implanting new ideas into presentations, it not only allows the presenters to learn something new, but it also
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