Things Fall Apart Analytical Essay

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A Christian Missionary is a person who is called by God to preach his word. Their job is to spread to everyone. Mr. Brown is a more effective Christian Missionary than Reverend Smith. Mr. Brown is willing to make an effort to understand Igbo’s beliefs. He didn’t try to tell them what they believed in was wrong. Mr. Brown made the people of Umuofia have a feeling of growth again. He told them that “everything was possible.” (Things Fall Apart 178) He didn’t come in trying to tell the people of Umuofia what to do; his first impression was easy going. By him being so generous it earned him a lot of respect from the clan. Ross W. Sanderson argues, that “Professor Patterson stated in his very interesting discussion of the relation of the pleasure and pain economies says: Christ is not the God of war and hate, but the God of peace and love.” (Unapologetic Christianity 34) Being hateful doesn’t get you anywhere in life. The Umuofia people respected Mr. Brown so much that they presented him with a “carved elephant tusk, which was a sign of dignity and rank.” (Things Fall Apart 179) Mr. Brown was very likeable because he took the time out to actually engage with the …show more content…

Brown told Akunna that he believed in “one supreme God” who made heaven and earth.” (Things Fall Apart 179) Akunna informed Mr. Brown that he believed in the same thing except he called him Chukwu.” (Things Fall Apart 179) Akunna believed that there were other Gods that stood as messengers. Mr. Brown had his mind set that there are no other Gods, that all the other Gods are “false” (Things Fall Apart 179) Benjamin B. Warfields argues, that “They do not declare, indeed, that Christianity, as it has actually existed in the world, has had, in point of fact, nothing to do with Jesus; or the Christians of today -themselves as Christians- have had no relations with Jesus.” (Christless Christianity 426) Mr. Brown is saying if he believes that there are other Gods he doesn’t have a relationship with God at

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