Think And Grow Rich

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Excogitating upon the day my Mom gifted me the utmost influential book of my life, I realize that my venture in the turbulent journey of business had begun. Praising every facet of the book from the cover page to the last word, a salient aura projected from the very solidity of this text; one of immense power and responsibility, notably a life-changing one. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill undoubtedly revolutionized my life, the way I think, and every aspect of my dreams. My inspiration to indulge in this particular book was prompted by my current business mentor, who is a year older than me and an aspiring businessman just like myself. "Think and Grow Rich" taught me the fundamental but intangible basics to business; that a burning desire…show more content…
Omitting the books assigned in school, voluntarily sitting down and investing my time into reading was a figment of the all powerful procrastination phrase, "I'll do it next week". When I did willingly read, it was primarily for the purpose of gaining something . Non-fiction always struck me as the superior genre of books, because every piece of information was applicable and could be added to the grand knowledge pool. Identifying as a self-help book, "Think and Grow Rich" accomplished just that. I commenced my journey by writing down my exact goals, what I planned on achieving, when I planned on achieving them, what I planned to sacrifice for my goals, and wrote a motivational paragraph portraying wealth as already being in my possession. My first explicitly defined goal was to attain 5,000$ by my 18th birthday. I recited this little passage in my phone's notes almost every night for around 2 months. I noticed everything changing at this point; I was riding a wave of positivity that came with a completely new persona. I was thankful for absolutely everything, just the miracle of being alive and healthy was enough to make me thank
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