Third-Class Status Of Indigenous Community

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The factors discussed up until now have involved obvious discrepancies towards indigenous communities, but the one to follow is more subtle and has gone un-noticed for too long and needs to be brought to attention. The perpetuation of a second or even third class status of indigenous people, the old origins of this status is still largely present in societies around the world, and this misconception has been widely adopted. Their negative depiction in cinematography and the failure to properly educate up and coming generations on indigenous people, contributes to the minuscule progress that has occurred in recognizing and respecting indigenous rights. As liberals believe in the importance of teachings as a means of spreading awareness and sharing a cooperative and progressive school of thought.…show more content…
“Over 87% of references in public schools, Native Americans are pre 1900’s. After that they don't learn anything about Native Americans, so in their minds, we don’t exist” (Houska, Tara). Children don't learn about Native American’s in the present day, but rather their first contact with Europeans, which perpetuates the weak and underdeveloped image of the colonized and the strong image of the colonizer. Apart from the school system, cinematography can have a great influence on opinions and
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