This Article Will Introduce The Structure Of Competing

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This article will introduce the structure of competing on analytics by case study of automotive manufacturer Toyota. First, the article will explain the four pillar model and five stages models and apply it to Toyota. Then it will address the competitive analytical advantage of the company in detail. Finlay it will discuss the internal and external competition on analytics of Toyota.

Competing on Analytics
Based on Davenport and Harris (2007)’s pillars of analytical competition, there are four pillars: distinctive capability, enterprise-wide analytics, senior management commitment, and large-scale ambition. (Four Pillars, Source: Davenport, T.H. and Harris, J.G. (2007). Competing on Analytics: The New …show more content…

The mobile technology are or will be soon embedded to the Toyota cars in the next few years (Ziegler, 2016). Toyota’s Data Communication Models(DCMs) will be available in many models in various global markets, the DCM technology equipped autos will have functions of standard emergency notification in crash. Early in 2013, Toyota has started the service of real time big data traffic to Japan market (Phneah, 2013). Toyota announced the goal of Vehicle Data Management: “
1. Greater vehicle connectivity through expanded installation of Data Communication Module (DCM)
2. Toyota Big Data Center to support data-intensive connected services
3. Improved quality and security of vehicle-based communications while safeguarding privacy
4. Safer and more secure connected services through upcoming business collaboration with UIEvolution, Inc.” (Toyota, 2016)

(Figure 2: Toyota DCM program flow, Source: )

The autos with the technology will be linked to big data center powered built by Toyota and will run services in with highly secured information and privacy controls. A useful fun feature the DCM may have is that a driver maybe able to find the hidden car in a large parking lot with you’re the assistance of your cellphones. Meanwhile, some people argues that

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