Thomas Friedman Hal Herzog Summary

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Thomas Friedman and Hal Herzog both argue some interesting things. Herzog requires his readers to think and connect with his ideas while Friedman appears to be more logical in defending specific cases.
Thomas Friedman came up with the Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention where he went on to talk about that two countries that are included within the same supply chain will most likely never pursue war with one another because they rely heavily on each other. Friedman says that when two countries within the same supply chain, they rely on each other in order to produce the goods and services that will enable their countries to grow. Once a country lives under these standards, and feels what it is like to be part of a booming economy, they will do whatever it takes to keep the bond of the chain.
Friedman goes on to say that this is why countries like North Korea and Iraq have remained “hot spots” in the world, countries that contain conflict and violence are very common. Since these countries are not a part of any supply chain, they are more eagerly aggressive and violent with the other countries.
Friedman then gets into detail that this theory alone can’t end all of the violence in the “flattening” world. But in reality, these countries that feel as if they
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He does go into great detail that there is a lot more to it than just that. He pressures imagination and that we must start being more imaginative. An example of this is when Friedman talks about the problem of 9/11 was that we had nobody that thought similar to the terrorists in our intelligence world. What we really need is somebody in our community thinking as the terrorists think, like we need someone there to come up with the absolute nastiest and craziest things that a terrorist could even imagine to try and do to our country. We very well possibly have been able to prevent 9/11 from occurring with such
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