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Thomas Paine Answers 1.) Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense anonymously because the ideas he used in writing the book were contradicting the government at that time. If the government knew that he wrote it then they will take action against him to punish him. He probably thought that his work would remain as something memorable such as it was only there to raise the spirit of the colonist to fight back and to stand up against the government. Thomas Paine stand up believed in himself. 2.) Paine states that society and government are completely different in purpose and also different in origin. Society is created innocently for the people's happiness although the government is poison but necessary product made by desires of people to…show more content…
Being a part of Britain involved America in European wars which in Paine's view were of no concern or consequence to the colonists. The distance between the two nations made governing the colonies from London unworkable. Paine observed that if some wrong were to be petitioned in Parliament, it would take a year before the colonies received a response. Paine argued that the New World was discovered shortly before the Reformation and the Puritans had believed that God wanted to give them a safe haven from the religious persecution they faced in Britain. In Paine's view, Britain ruled the colonies for its own benefit, and did not consider the best interests of the colonists. Paine also strongly argues against the British system of government, complaining about having an elected House of Commons and a unelected House of Lords and monarchy in what he called a "mixed state”. It is interesting to note that the British system of government hasn't changed for the last 300 years and the current Queen holds exactly the same constitutional powers as King George III (virtually none). It is a historical irony that the American colonists fought for independence from a democratically elected Parliament and Prime Minister and having gained independence created

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