Three Famous Inventors: Ben Franklin And Alexander Graham Bell

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Three Famous Inventors There were many contributors to making modern technology the way it is now. One of them was Ben Franklin. Another was Thomas Edison. Last was Alexander Graham Bell. All three of these people made many contributions to modern technology. Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell were all very famous inventors with inventions that changed modern technology.
Ben Franklin was one of the many contributors to modern technology. Ben Franklin invented the Lightning rod, flexible catheter, 24 hour three year clock, glass Armenia, bifocals, a long arm to remove books from high bookshelves. He discovered ways to keep streets cleaner and that electricity exists in storm clouds in lightning. Ben Franklin improved streets lamps. They had more light on the streets which led to less vandalization. The inventions of Ben Franklin affected us in many ways. For example, the lighting rod protects
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He invented the first telephone. Alexander Graham Bell worked with deaf kids seeking to invent a machine that would transmit sound waves by electricity. So, he established a school for the deaf. He also invented the wheat busker, the harmonic telegraph, the metal detector, and the hydrofoil boat. Since the phone is one of the most used devices in times today he clearly impacted us. Alexander may have not created the IPhone but he had the idea of phones and how they would work. His invention has just evolved into the phones used today like Androids and IPhones. Alexander Graham Bell was a huge contributor to modern technology.
In conclusion Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell, were three main people that made technology the way it is today. Without Thomas Edison there wouldn’t be who knows if there would be light. Or without Alexander Graham Bell phones might be non-existent. All in all, would life really be the same without these three important
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