Essay about Three Things I Would Change in the World

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Three Things I Would Change About the World

In today’s society there is so much that I want to change about the world but just don’t have the means or power to do so. So when asked what I would change about the world I had to think very hard about which ones I thought were the most important. The problems that I found were the most important were the one’s that had a rising effect in our society today. The problems that I would change about the world if I could are prejudice, the fear of war, and the pollution humans create on Earth. I will discuss these problems and some ways that we can start to make a step towards change for the better in our world.

When I started to think about things that needed to be changed
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I think people need to become more aware of the damaging being done and the money that is being spent towards these horrible wars that only bring pain and sorrow. It is hard to make a change with war as it is something that everyday people can not control but there are a few simple things you can do to become involved. A major step is to become involved in today’s politics and be aware of who you are voting for. A way to help those being affected by war is to donate any money, old clothes, toys and perishable food to any major organization. Major organizations create safe spaces for children to go and help children get a start in going back to school. For more information on what you can do to help visit

Today the Earth and many of its contents, thanks in large part to humans, is deteriorating and it has been for quite a time now. It is overwhelmingly populated with both ignorant and lazy people. In return not much is being done to prevent this deterioration. Pollution caused by humans and their inventions cause a major dilemma. Automobile exhaust fumes and factory pollutants are only a couple of the impurities causing damaging affects to the ozone layer and atmosphere. We depend on the ozone to defend us from harmful UV rays. Finally, we have a major impact on the degeneration of natural resources. Millions of gallons of oil, coal, and other
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