Three Ways Of Reading The Bible

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Three Ways of Reading the Bible In the discussion between Harvey Cox and yourself you speak about the three ways to read the bible. It is very interesting to have read the text and then to hear the man himself talk about them. The context itself in the book was not hard to follow but hearing the author himself tell us his point of view live made it even more simple. The way he explains the bible in three different stages which is exactly how I remember learning about it. I never thought to put it into three stages but now that I am thinking back to my earliest memory to now these three ways were exactly how I interpreted the bible. For those fortunate enough to grow up in the church we know that we are to believe everything the bible…show more content…
How amazing this God was and how he could flood the whole earth and save one family. How did he call the animals to show up at the Art to go in two by two? How incredible to hear of the stories of David a small man defeat a giant man Goliath then become king. The narrative stories went on and on with far-fetched themes but that kept us entertained and kept our imaginations running wild. The mind is a powerful thing and when we learn of something new and incredible we want to believe it is true and we want to tell others. Having the next fun new story is what we live for isn’t it? This laid the foundations like Harvey Cox stated and for me that foundation held strong. I was young and I knew in my heart that this had to be true. I’m taught to trust my teachers in school so why wouldn’t I believe my teachers at church? This foundation was the key to how I developed even further into understanding the way to read the bible. The historical stage was the next step to how we read the bible. After all the bible is one big history book. These were true events that happened and occurred before our time and we need to be educated on that. As we grow up and as Harvey Cox questioned what he couldn’t question before allowed him to understand the Bible deeply. He was able to question things and have discussion on why it was the way it was. My parents both went through seminar school and even though they had been going to church their entire lives they had so many questions. I
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